Pineview Cabin

Pineview Cabin

  • $21,999.00

    Kit-set price | Inclusive of GST

  • 20.14m²

  • 47mm

  • (L) 5.3 × (W) 3.8 × (H) 2.936m

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    Product Overview

    The Pineview all timber cabin is a wonderful way to create extra space at your home, bach, section, farm or anywhere else you choose. From sleep-out, home office, art studio, or workshop the list of ways to use this cabin is endless.

    The construction is solid tongue and groove, interlocking timber for strength and durability. Made of cold climate grown pine it has a close grain and pleasant yellow tones.

    The front doors and windows are positioned to maximise natural light and fresh air.  Being double glazed they offer excellent insulation and acoustic properties, keeping the interior warm and quiet, and the sturdy aluminium joinery ensures no more painting wooden frames and a tight seal. The natural wood interior is warm and inviting.

    Pineview cabins offer the full 47mm thick walls for extra strength, thermal and acoustic properties as well as a footprint over 20sqm. This being a sizable room and offering all the advantages that come with more space.

    Lifestyle Cabins offers a full assembly and installation service. We are happy to build your cabins using our experienced and qualified contractors. Using our service ensures your cabin is built to the highest standard. We also sell in kitset form for you to follow the detailed instructions for assembly.

    Once assembled cabins should be painted or stained. Detailed instructions are included with your cabin.

    Then you are up and running and ready to enjoy your new Pineview cabin in any way that you choose.

    *Please note: As with any additional building it is important to check with the relevant authorities for the requirements in your area.



    Model Pineview
    Colour Natural
    Material FSC Certified Slow Grown Scots Pine
    Roof  Style Single Pitch
    Gross Weight 2080kg
    Footprint Dimensions (L) 5.3 x (W) 3.8m
    Footprint Size 20.14sqms
    Net Floor Area 19.29sqms
    Overhang Dimensions Front overhang 500mm, other sides 300mm
    Ridge Height 2.936m (Including Joist)
    Eaves Height 2.261m (Including Joist)
    Max Ceiling(Internal) Height 2.682m (Floor to Ceiling, Excluding Rafters)
    Min Ceiling(Internal) Height 2.142m  (Floor to Ceiling, Excluding Rafters)
    Wall Thickness 47mm
    Floor Thickness 18mm
    Roof Thickness 18mm
    Floor Beams 47 x 145mm
    Roof Material Premium asphalt shingles
    Aluminium Window (W) 1.126 x (H) 0.976m
    Aluminium Door (W) 1.326 x (H) 2.074m
    Glass 5mm Double-glazed Toughened Glass
    Kit-Set Contents Roof, roof beams, facia boards, walls, floor,
    floor beams, aluminium door, aluminium windows,
    asphalt shingles, building wrap, assembling accessories kit.

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    Olya Esperanza

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