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Custom Options

Customise your cabin:
~Have you got plans you would like us to quote from?
~What floor dimensions do you want?
~Do you want internal walls, if so how many and where?
~Flat or pitched roof?
~Wall thickness?
~Insulation options?
~Roof type (shingle or coloursteel)?
~How many doors and windows and where?

To comply with New Zealand regulations your cabin must have a certified NZ Engineers Design Certificate. We use an Auckland based certified engineer who will provide this certification for your cabin. The extra cost of this will be between $1500 and $3000 depending on how many changes you require in your design.

The construction will be solid tongue and groove interlocking timber for strength and durability. Made of cold climate grown pine it has a close grain and pleasant yellow tones.  

The front doors and windows will be positioned to maximise natural light and fresh air.  Being double glazed (from toughened glass) they offer excellent insulation and acoustic properties, keeping the interior warm and quiet, and the sturdy aluminium joinery ensures no more painting wooden frames and a tight seal. The natural wood interior is warm and inviting.  

We offer a full assembly and installation service. Due to differences in design of customised cabins we recommend that you use one of our builders since custom cabins do not come with specific instructions unless specifically requested and paid for.

Once assembled cabins should be painted or stained. Detailed instructions are included with your cabin. 

*Please note: As with any additional building it is important to check with the relevant authorities for the requirements in your area.


Construction Requirements

Your cabin’s foundation needs to be completely level and rectangular. We recommend the floor is a minimum of 50mm off the ground. Please paint the underside of the flooring and joists prior to assembly.  Make sure you allow for enough airflow underneath the cabin. 

The best foundation is a poured concrete pad or wooden piles set in concrete. Other options are available but if unsure be sure to consult a professional.  

We are happy to arrange a visit to check the suitability of your proposed site. 


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