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Transform your timber cabin into an entertainment cabin/pub

The key to transforming your timber Lifestyle Garden Cabin into a pub or outdoor entertainment area is to maximise the space without sacrificing flow.

A good cabin layout idea is to have a clear area for seating and a separate section for a bar or food preparation. Ideally, you want to use furniture that can be easily moved or reconfigured to suit different numbers of guests and types of events—avoid permanent seating fixtures where possible.

For the bar area, install a countertop that can double as a serving space and a place for guests to gather. On the serving side of the bar, make good use of cabinets or shelves for storing glasses, drinks, and other bar essentials. A mini-fridge or wine cooler can be a practical addition to keeping drinks chilled.

In some instances, it may be an idea to install your wooden cabin in a slightly shaded area of the garden, or at least out of direct sunlight, if possible, to help keep your soft drinks, beer and wine cool.

Lighting plays an important role in setting the atmosphere, but for additional flexibility, install adjustable lighting that can be dimmed for a cosy ambience or brightened for more lively occasions. For example, a string of fairy lights or lanterns (perhaps multiple colours for a tropical feel) can add a festive touch while also making sure there is enough light for people to enjoy themselves by.

A sound system for music, a screen for sports events or movies, and traditional pub games like darts can entertain guests. Alternatively, Bluetooth speakers you can link to your smartphone may be better if you are on a tight budget.

Heating is important for year-round use, but in New Zealand’s winters, you may want to install a wood burner or open pit fireplace near the cabin to keep the area warmer during cooler months. A popular choice to complement your wood cabin may be a brick barbeque or pizza oven nearby to broaden your entertainment area.

Wood provides natural insulation, which will help keep you at a comfortable temperature and may help reduce noise. Always be considerate of your neighbours.

Most important are your personal touches, which will help make the space inviting while also reflecting your personality or that of your family. 

Decorate with items that reflect your personal style or the pub’s theme—plants, artwork, buoys and ship wheels, sports memorabilia, your hobbies, or, in keeping with the timber cabin feel, palettes, straw, and wooden crates. It’s the personal touch that will add the character you need to make guests feel welcome.

Cabins have traditionally made good entertainment spaces and pubs because they’re so versatile—from tropical to cosy, they can be whatever you want to make them.