Lifestyle Cabins can help you create valuable space. If you need a home office, sleep-out, or a place to stay while you build your dream holiday home Lifestyle Cabins has you covered. All timber used in their Lifestyle Cabins is FSC certified (Forrest Stewardship Council), which guarantees sustainability for the future. You can buy one of their predesigned kitset cabins, or Lifestyle Cabins can help with a customized design and manufacture to suit your plans.

You have two options as to how to build your cabin; professionally built by Lifestyle Cabins’ experienced contractors or DIY. Lifestyle Cabins is happy to assemble your cabin for you using experienced contractors, as it guarantees you a quality professional build. Lifestyle Cabins is also happy to supply you with your cabin in kitset form if DIY is your thing. This option comes with a full set of assembly instructions. It is not hard to assemble but you should ensure that you allow sufficient time and assistance to do it properly.

Let Lifestyle Cabins assemble a stunning cabin in your outdoor space and convert it into a usable, private, living or working area.


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