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7 ideas to create a warm and cosy garden cabin atmosphere

Wooden cabins are an archetype, a thing of fairytales and romance. Usually featuring warmly lit windows to guide people home to candlelight and the promise of warmth and comfort. Here are some ideas to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for your natural wood cabin, regardless of its utility.

If you’re using your cabin as a hobby room, office, art studio, or meditation room, you’ll want it to be warm, cosy, and inviting during those long New Zealand winters; you want it to be your happy place, a place where you want to spend time.

  1. Warm Lighting
    Harsh white lighting can make your cabin feel cold and soulless; it affects mood and can cause headaches or eye strain. Opt for warm and dim lighting instead. Lamps and or string lights are both friendly and stylish.
  1. Earthy Colours
    A colour palette of warm, earthy colours to create a natural and rustic feel in your cabin. Deep greens, browns, and oranges can add warmth to your space. While splashes of colour from throw pillows and wall art for interest and personality.
  1. Fireplace
    While you can’t have a fireplace in your wooden cabin due to bylaws and health and safety, you can build a firepit outside the cabin. Imagine sitting before the firepit, in the warm light of your cabin, wrapped in a blanket while you sip on hot chocolate or a glass of wine.
  1. Natural elements
    Decorating the interior of your lifestyle cabin with natural elements like potted plants, fresh flowers, wood, stone, or leather creates a calm, peaceful area—they add freshness to the interior environment and help carry off that rustic feel of being in the woods somewhere.
  1. Your personality
    Bring your family, personality, and style into the cabin with family photos, artwork, and souvenirs or similar to create something uniquely you. A place where you can say, “This is me.”
  1. Carpeting and rugs
    While you can expect your walls and natural timber ceiling to offer a unique character, you might consider throwing a rug on the floor or carpeting. A Berber carpet is a good example. Handwoven by the Berber people in North Africa and the Sahara, Berber carpeting is durable and stain resistant with a unique look and texture with a natural, organic feel. Whether you use Berber or some other carpet, your choice will go a long way to creating that cosy feel in your cabin.
  1. Create a seating area
    Having a designated area can help make your cabin feel more welcoming. Arrange a comfortable couch or a set of chairs around a heater or coffee table to create a cosy, relaxing spot.

Lifestyle cabins offer a variety of wooden cabins you can make your own. While electricity and plumbing, or landscaping around the cabin, are not included in the service offering, these can be arranged.