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Where are our showrooms?

We have one (1) in Auckland in Wairau Valley and one (1) in Christchurch in West Melton (currently displaying the Woodside Cabin).

What foundations do I need to use?

The best foundations are piles set in concrete and built to the correct specification. We provide full engineers drawings for these. Bearers and piles are not supplied with the kitset. However joists are supplied.

What are your doors and windows made from and are they double glazed?

The external doors and windows are double glazed aluminum joinery.

What roof do they come with?

All cabins are supplied with a felt or tiled roof depending on the model.

Do they come with joists?

Yes the joists are supplied

What sort of timber are they made from?

They are made from European Scots Pine FSC certified

Do they come with a warranty?

Yes for 5 years.

Do they come with a deck as in the photos on the website?

Decks are not supplied. The decks in the photos are for illustrative purposes.

Do they come preassembled?

We dont offer a preassembled option

Do they come with electrical wiring?

Wiring is extra. Any qualified electrician can complete this. Its best to use wooden capping to keep the rustic feel of the cabin.

Are the cabins insulated?

No they arent. However they are solid wood and retain a level of natural insulation. If you want to insulate them the under floor is very easy to acheive. Insulating the roof is more complicated but possible. These are small cabins and therefore the area to heat is not large.

Can your cabins go in a high wind zone?

Our standard cabins are only rated for medium wind zones. However with extra bracing and a new engineers report they can be made for high wind zones.

Do you deliver and how much does it cost?

There are a number of delivery options. You are welcome to collect yourself if you choose or we can organise for you. Local deliveries are by hiab and nationwide deliveries by curtainsider to the local deport and hiab thereafter. Cost is distance dependant. We only charge cost for freight.

Kitset cabins require an engineers design statement. Do your cabins have one?

Yes all of our cabins carry the required engineers documentation. This is a legal requirement.

Do you offer a painting service?

No we don't. However it is straightforward to paint or oil them DIY, or contact a local painter.

Do your cabins come with a bathroom and kitchen?

No they don’t. In order to qualify for the building code exemptions they cannot have these facilities. If you want to have a kitchen and bathroom you would need to apply to council and gain a building consent. This may or may not be possible.

How long does it take to build a cabin?

Assembly time depends on the model. The smallest about 3 days the largest allow 7 days.

Can you build the cabin for me?

Our cabins are sold as flat pack kitsets with detailed assembly instructions. They can be assembled by any competent handyman and or DIY'er. You can also try KITSET ASSEMBLY SERVICES who offer a nationwide assembly service.

What will the foundations cost?

The price is dependent on the site and the method chosen.

Where can I put my cabin?

To ensure the cabin is exempt from the Building consent process it must be located specific distances from the boundary and residential buildings. Again the section in our website covers this in more detail.

Do I need a building consent?

In many cases you wont as these cabins are kitsets between 10 and 30 square metres. However there are many rules you will need to follow to ensure that the cabin qualifies for the building code exemption. There is a section on this on this website and you must check with council before you build.

Do you do finance?

We use 3rd party finance companies. If you wish to finance your purchase simply call us. We will introduce you to the finance

How do I pay for it?

Our usual terms are 50% deposit on signing the contract and 50% prior to delivery. We invoice the freight separately.

How much does a cabin cost?

The prices for the cabins are listed next to each model on the website.

Is the timber treated?

The cabins are supplied as natural untreated timber. Oiling or painting the exterior and interior according to our instructions in the maintenance manual are essential for the cabin to be sealed and maintain its durability.

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