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Garden timber cabin office

Working from home is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to work, to the chagrin of office rentals everywhere. While a spare room in the house will do for a work office, it’d be a better idea to turn a garden cabin into your workspace.

With a wooden cabin home office, you can have the convenience of a work/life separation, with the benefit of having your office just a couple of steps away. Before implementing your new office, there are a few things to consider.


Plan your office

Before diving into building your dream office, think carefully about what you need and want, then plan accordingly. First of all, what is the nature of your work?

Do you have a lot of virtual meetings? Then you’ll need to make sure the acoustics are good and that the background of your desk isn’t too distracting.

Are you a coder that sees little facetime but has intense unbroken coding sessions? Then sound won’t be a concern, but proper lighting will. Plan your cabin to accommodate your type of work to make it easier.

You want to prioritise comfort and efficiency. Remember to consider how much space you have to be realistic with your goals. A cabin can only fit so much, so make sure you plan for the most important items first.

Fit out your Garden timber office

Next, it’s time to actually fit out your office with the items and amenities you’ve chosen. Be sure to think about whether a particular item needs to be portable or whether it can be fixed in place.

For example, a computer. Would you need to move it? If so, you need to place it in a way that gives easy access to plug points and wiring. If it is a permanent fixture, you can hide all the wiring to keep everything neat.

Maximise your use of space, but don’t overdo it. Be cautious about clutter. A clean environment is an efficient environment. You need to also avoid being side-tracked. For example, a pinball machine might be fun during lunchtime, but it’ll take up a lot of space and could become a distraction.

Finally, it’s a good idea to note what you buy and mark them off for tax purposes. Not everything will be a business expense but note them all anyway. When tax time comes around, you can work through them and see what you can write off.

Get professional help

Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion on your cabin or on any of the fixtures you’ll be installing. You might be able to install some yourself, but if you can have it done professionally, don’t skip out on the opportunity.


With some planning and some smart implementation, you can turn a wooden cabin into a home office. A bonus benefit is that it can even be a tax write-off. Most importantly, remember not to skimp on the costs. You’ll be spending upwards of eight hours a day there, and so you should treat it as you would a part of your home.