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Please always refer to the Maintenance Manual and Instruction Manual in conjunction

Wood is a natural material, affected by a wide range of natural conditions. Large and small cracks, colour and tone differences, and some dimensional changes are to be expected. This is all quite normal and contributes to the beauty of wooden products. These changes tend to enhance the natural look of your cabin.

• Some settling of the cabin is normal as is some of the joins widening and changing. If any gaps appear they can be easily sealed with a paintable silicone.

• In order for your cabin to remain in top condition and be durable it must have the appropriate coatings applied within two weeks.

Wood Oil (CD50)

• The durability certificate states that the product CD50 should be applied. This is an excellent product that contains non-toxic chemicals that prevent fungal and bacterial action as well as deep penetrating oils that reduce movement and cracking and stabilise the wood.

• CD50 is able to be used both inside and out and on the ceiling and floor.

• The best way to treat your cabin is to coat the timber pieces prior to assembly. This gives the best protection.

• Be sure to always apply the product to the underside of the floor boards and the underside of the cabin prior to construction as these can be difficult to reach once the cabin is complete.

• Applying CD50 to the rest of the assembled cabin is also a suitable solution.

• Please consult the website for the specific instructions on application and other matters. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Your cabin is an investment and you want it to stay in excellent condition.

• Be sure to recoat the cabin when the appearance deteriorates or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

• If you want to paint your cabin after having oiled it then you should wait 6 months from the time of CD50 application and then choose an oil based paint system.

• Be sure to follow the paint manufacturers instructions precisely.

• Note that CD50 has a strong odour. If using it on the inside this can take a week to dissipate.

Exterior Painting (not oiling)

• Paint is a suitable option.

If you choose to paint the exterior, we set out below our recommendations as to how to do this. Please note that these are our recommendations and we are not responsible for the quality of the work done or for the process – if you wish to ensure the process and quality are what you require, we suggest you seek advice on this from a professional.

If you choose this option then the following should be undertaken.

• Please note our recommended paint supplier is Resene. However other companies offer a similar product range.

• Painting must take place within 2 weeks of assembly. This prevents any deterioration of the timber and minimises the chances of excessive cracking, discoloration, or shifting of the timber. It also ensures that moisture cannot enter the timber.

• As recommended by the experts at Resene – Firstly apply a coat of ‘TimberLock’. Wipe off excess ‘TimberLock’ at time of application and leave to cure for at least 48 hours before over coating with a full coat of Wood Primer. Apply an undercoat of ‘Quick Dry’ and finish with 2 coats of ‘Lumbersider’.