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Lifestyle wooden cabin tips

Timber cabins are most often associated with rustic, wild wilderness—snow, woodfire kettles, logs for the burner and dim, warmly glowing lanterns. Fortunately, it’s 2022 and modern civilisation has tamed the savage old wooden cabin.

Whether it be your work-from-home office or home all its own, there are some essentials required to make a wooden cabin liveable in the fullest, modern, sense of the word. In this blog, we’ll go over the five things you need to convert a wooden cabin into a fully-fledged living space.


While the wooden cabins of the past certainly didn’t have it, these days electricity is essential. This is a necessity that will enable you to put some of the others on this list in place.

Electricity will provide light, power appliances such as kettles and electric stoves, keep your computer running, and even open the way for small essential luxuries like television.

Getting a cabin wired is easy, thanks to their versatile construction.


Next up is of course the internet. The internet is a lifeline to the wider world, allowing us to work, and stay in touch with others, while also being a wellspring of entertainment.

Whether it be ADSL, fibre, or even a wireless sim card-based modem, your wooden cabin will be able to accommodate it.


We can’t forget about the essential of all essentials — Water! Used to stay hydrated, for cooking, bathing, and cleaning, water is something you can’t be without.

Wooden cabins comfortably accommodate modern piping to the scale of your choice. Do you want a simple sink? You’re covered. Do you want a complete bathroom? That can be done too, no problem.


We take it for granted, but lighting is another essential that simmers in the background… until it’s absent. Lighting in this case refers to both electric lighting fixtures, and natural lighting. For a place to be liveable, you need both.

A wooden cabin can easily be fitted with lighting fixtures of your choice. Just so, it’s up to you what sorts of windows you want, and where you want them.  With the right balance, you can ensure a well-lit, breathable environment at any time of the day.


The final essential is unseen, but you’ll certainly feel its absence. Insulation is of paramount importance. The walls of your wooden cabin can be fitted with the insulation type of your choice.

When done correctly, it’ll make for a cool environment during the summer months and a warm toasty atmosphere during the winter ones.


Electricity, internet, water, lighting, and insulation. These are the essentials needed to make a wooden cabin liveable, whether you’ll be there permanently, or for your work shift day in and day out.

For a wooden cabin fit to live in, be sure to check out Lifestyle Cabins, and take your pick from a wide range of configurations.