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Outdoor Cabins NZ

Much has been said of the man cave, a home retreat for men, a spot to get some work done or simply unwind. But what of the woman’s cave? Is there even space for one in a crowded home built around the needs of the family? Perhaps not… but there’s a simple solution — an outdoor cabin. 

Read on to find out about some of the best outdoor cabin woman cave ideas.

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Home office

First up, plain yet practical, a home office. Working from home is convenient, but working at home can be a headache. It can be hard to find a comfortable space, family members or pets can get in the way, and there are often too many distractions.

An outdoor cabin is built to your specifications and is made of solid wood. It’ll be cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and best of all, it’ll keep the noise out. So get work done, attend video meetings, and be productive.

Once the workday ends, you can return to your home and leave work behind. 

Design Studio

If you’re an artisan by hobby or profession, you’ll be glad to know that outdoor cabins make the perfect design studio. Keep all your materials together and give your projects the space they need to flourish and remain safely untouched until you pick them up again. 

If you have special equipment, such as an easel, sewing machine, or woodworking tools, you can rest assured that they won’t get in anyone’s way and will be safe from accidents. Likewise, if you require a bespoke fixture that takes up a lot of space, like a ceramic wheel, an outdoor cabin will be able to accommodate it with room to spare.


It can be hard to find time to make trips to the gym. Plus, home equipment can take up a lot of space. So save it from being used as an impromptu clothes rack and put it in an outdoor cabin.

An outdoor cabin can be fitted with everything you need. Put in a treadmill and weight-lifting section, and have the floor space for yoga. You can install a wall-to-floor mirror to check your form and progress without worrying about a rogue game of indoor rugby destroying it.

With windows where you want them, you can do every workout in a private space that’s nicely ventilated and with plenty of natural lighting. It certainly beats the recycled air and fluorescent lighting of commercial space.

A hangout spot

Finally, an outdoor cabin is the perfect hangout spot. Whether you want a home cinema, personal library, meditation room, or space to host wine and cheese evenings, an outdoor cabin has you covered. 

Decorate the interior as you would your home and use structural customisation options to give it a personal flair. 


Outdoor cabins are made to your specifications. So no matter your dream woman cave, you can make it a reality. Contact Lifestyle Cabins today and build the perfect place to work, relax, and play.