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Biophilia is the love of nature, or to go deeper, the desire that humans feel to connect to nature. It makes sense seeing as we come from nature and have lived in it for most of our history. It’s only recently that we’ve sectioned ourselves off in urban environments.

There’s a rising sentiment that humans need nature, and greenery is increasingly incorporated into the spaces in which we live and work. 

The simplest way to do this is by using wood. It doesn’t just serve an aesthetic function, though; it has actual health benefits, both mental and physical.

Mental Benefits

Research indicates that a high percentage of wooden furniture and trims in a room can foster a more peaceful environment.

Even a 30% presence of wood has been shown to improve concentration and promote a better sense of satisfaction.

Wood is aesthetically pleasing and can be customised in terms of varnishing and shape through carving. 

It may still be up for debate and further study, but it makes sense that humans would feel more comfortable amongst wood, seeing as most structures throughout history were built with wood. 

Even the signature aesthetic of Ancient Greek architecture is thanks to “skeuomorphic” design, with the decorative pillars and trimmings imitating practical features found in earlier wooden buildings. 

Physical Benefits

These mental benefits lead to physical benefits too. The soothing effect of wood has been shown to reduce the presence of the stress hormone, cortisol. This leads to lower blood pressure and better cardiovascular health. 

That’s not all; there are practical features to wood that could also contribute to better overall health.

Wood’s Practicality 

Wood is a building material for “any season”. Wood absorbs moisture when humidity is high, and it releases it when humidity is low. This means that by incorporating wood into an interior, you’ll be creating a more stable atmosphere, literally. 

A wood environment is better for people who suffer from allergies or who are highly sensitive to changes in their environment. 

Wood is also more consistent in terms of temperature than other materials. It’s warmer in cold weather, and cooler in hot weather, unlike metals, which can go from freezing to boiling. 

This means that an environment with wood in it is more comfortable all year round.

Incorporating Wood Into Your Home

You can incorporate wood into your home in a number of ways. You can get wooden panelling. You can buy wooden furniture. You can even get wooden ornaments.

There is a more elegant solution, however. Consider a wooden cabin for your garden. Wooden cabins such as those sold by Lifestyle Cabins are made to your specifications.

They can be used as a home office, gym, guest house, or hang-out spot. Not only are they functional and built sustainably, but they’re an investment too, as they raise your property value. 

The cabins are made entirely of wood, so they’re a fast track to getting all the benefits we’ve discussed above!


Green spaces are on the rise, and for a good reason. Reconnect with your roots, and get some wood in your home and workspace today. 

Doing so can help your mental, physical, and even long-term financial health.