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Perfect Timber Kitset Garden Cabin

Finding the perfect timber kitset garden cabin can be daunting because it is a focal point of your garden, which means it must meet your current needs but be able to adapt to future requirements. Equally, it shouldn’t tower over your garden but instead blend with its surroundings. 


Considerations for when determining the size cabin you want include:

  1. Size of Your Garden: Before all else, take a proper assessment of the entirety of your garden’s space. It is worth getting out the tape measure. This will set the parameters for the maximum size of cabin your garden can accommodate.
  2. Garden Space Retention: Consider how much of your garden you want to retain after the cabin’s installation. You might lean towards a more compact cabin if you are fond of open spaces, gardening, barbecues, or just for the kids to run about. 

On the flip side, you could allocate more garden space if the cabin is a prime focal point.

  1. Purpose of the Cabin: Determine the primary use of your cabin. A small office or reading nook might only require a cosier size like the 7.84 sqm or 10.8 sqm from Lifestyle Cabins here in New Zealand.

However, for more significant undertakings like a playroom, commercial space, or guest room, measures like 20.14sqm or 24sqm might be more suitable.

  1. Occupancy: Estimate the regular number of occupants. While smaller dimensions might be fitting for personal use, the larger bestsellers could be more apt if you’re envisaging several people using the space concurrently.
  2. Personal Comfort Level: This is more of a psychological aspect. Some individuals might find smaller spaces more intimate and comfortable, while others could feel constrained. Always factor in your comfort level with the space.


Tips for determining the right size:

Mock Layout: Use ropes or tapes on the ground to outline potential cabin sizes. This helps visualise the space it’ll occupy.

Consult Others: Speak to family members or colleagues for suggestions about space requirements.

Future-proof: Always think ahead. Will your needs change in a few years? It’s wise to choose a cabin that can evolve with your requirements.

Consider these New Zealand bestsellers:

(L) 7 x (W) 4m × (H) 3.042m: A generously proportioned option that suits various functions.

(L) 3.6 × (W) 3 × (H) 2.98m: Compact yet spacious for individual use.

(L) 6 x (W) 4m × (H) 3.111m: Strikes a balance between space and functionality.

Lifestyle Cabins provide an array of sizes, ensuring an appropriate fit for every garden and purpose. While it might be tempting to automatically go for the largest or most petite option, the ideal matches your present and future needs while preserving the character of your garden.