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Everyone needs a place to kick back and relax, but it can often be hard to find a tranquil spot in a busy home. Luckily there’s a simple solution—wooden cabins.

Quick and Easy Construction 

Wooden cabins can be built quickly, safely, and sturdily in as little as 24 hours. Best of all, they don’t even require a building consent if they’re under a certain size. In other words if you want your man cave up and running for the All Blacks test ahead of the weekend, a wooden cabin can probably manage it for you. 

You also have the choice between it being built for you or doing it all yourself, although a DIY project is a reward on its own. Just the thing to get in touch with your inner caveman, boldly building a place to call your own.  

Unlimited Customisability 

Your new man cave can be customised to your liking. Whatever you need to feel in your element can be installed or moved in once construction is complete. 

If you’re into collectibles such as sports memorabilia, or if you have lots of books, compact and presentable shelving can be installed throughout.  

The roof is sturdy enough to support hanging fixtures, and pictures or items of interest can line the walls. There’s also plenty of space for comfortable sofas and even pool tables if that’s your game. 

Versatile placement 

A wooden cabin man cave can be placed anywhere you have the space for it. Whether you want it away from your house for ultimate privacy or close for easy access, you can put your new mancave wherever you’d like it to be.  

Pick Your Style 

Whether you want it to be consistent with the style of a modern home, or to have a more rustic look, your man cave can be adjusted to suit you.  

You can have a mountain refugee in your backyard or a minimalist quiet space in which to relax. With a wooden cabin, whole new worlds can exist just a few steps from your backdoor. 

Ultimate Utility  

Wooden cabins can suit any need. As a mancave, they can be a place for your hobbies, such as a photo studio or even the ultimate gaming room. 

If you’d prefer, it can even be a sports bar in your backyard, complete with a dartboard and a bar table. If you like getting your hands dirty, it can be a place to store tools or even be a fully functioning workshop. 

Solid Construction 

What good is a man cave if it doesn’t stand up to the elements? Wooden cabins have weather-resistant flooring, solid wooden construction, and construction geared towards durability and stability. 

Pick where you want your windows to go and enjoy natural lighting with the aluminium joinery and double-glazing.    

The solid wood walls provide natural insulation.   


Be sure to check with your local authorities first as there are some rules around the placement of these cabins. As with all building projects its best to check first.   


All in all, wooden cabins are the perfect man caves thanks to their quick construction, customisability, utility, and durability.  

Kick back on a Saturday with the boys and watch the game, or take a break after a long workday. What you do with your man cave is up to you; endless possibilities await.